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The complexity of Syria disaster

Iran, Russia, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, USA, Turkish Kurds, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia are the countries that so far have intervened in the Syrian “civil war”.Something rumored over France, which is thinking about to meddle.So it is a “regional conflict” taking place only in one country and then popularly called “civil war”,because it applies only to the residents of that country citizens.It mingle just about Continue reading The complexity of Syria disaster

OdeSSA- the “Third Might” and the return of the Nazis

The word OdeSSA means organization of former SS members.
The Odessa helped to dive under after WW2 the former SS members. In the article

“Odessa and Paperclip – how as Nazi criminals were adopted  in the US intelligence.” (will be translated soon)

I have already mentioned that the US intelligence was also involved.  Continue reading OdeSSA- the “Third Might” and the return of the Nazis

Pogrom atmosphere in Germany

This was written on may 18 2016

What people are saying:

M (female): “Have you not seen them at the King Street? This dark-haired men standing around there in groups. The do not want to fit in. They always have to bring their religion with them and they want to establish the Islamic State here, too. This say the Americans.
The provoke outright that they are sometimes attacked.That their refugee homes burn, they do not want to integrate and to change their clothes either. ” Continue reading Pogrom atmosphere in Germany

Micky Mouse invasion in Stuttgart city

Today on 05/20/2016. I went downtown Stuttgart city (Germany) to see, if there were some foreign refugees in sight.

I could find nothing to report in the Stuttgart Königstrasse.

Outlandish fellow citizens, however, were observed by me, as they distributed their dangerous symbols of their country.Probably their country of origin is Disneyland and they were clearly here to proselytize to and bring us their culture.They have not yet integrated and adapted to our culture, which is also evident in their still outlandish looking Continue reading Micky Mouse invasion in Stuttgart city