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Decomposition, shading and tracking

The man is standing in front of me in the bus line 42 (Stuttgart East), Mediterranean type, blonde wig. (See photo) In his green bag he has a beige cords trousers and other garments. His wig and dark eyebrows do not fit at all, especially because his wig slips. The oddness strikes me. Someone wants to camouflage himselve. Continue reading Decomposition, shading and tracking

The drama of 9-11- airplane without wings-Part 2

The World Trade Center collapsed on 09.11.2001 and buried there many people under the ruins. The drama has shocked the whole world. The films with the airplanes were sent later on tv.

Rendering errors arise whenever a 3 D animation is done.

Everyone who already played had an old 3 D computer game may have experienced, as parts of the animated character go at once through the wall or appear in a completely different place in the room, as they should. Continue reading The drama of 9-11- airplane without wings-Part 2

Newsticker: Antiracist-Chevy and MK-ULTRA

– There were some threat and hate commentaries who told me to inform the (?), just the anti-discrimination office for oppressed blondes, because of my

antiracist baiting, that I always operate here.

– My smartphone number has been rendered unusable, for some reason. This is just a coincidence.

– I have lost my posttraumatic amnesia, and now I know who has tortured me here in Stuttgart under MK-ULTRA.The police confiscated his hard disks and took the video for a long time.Of this, however, I was not informed and no one investigates therefore.

– The article about the Third Power is in work, do not worry.

PS: I’m going to be a comic artist.

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