About this website and about me

About this website and about me
Who is this blog writing german person?

You can read my name everywhere on this website and on every picture and after every text, that I have produced myself. This is to secure my copyrights and my authorship.

So you already know, that my name is Juliane Arnold and nothing else.

The only secret of a woman that will not be revealed is my age. But you already may guess that I am a german woman, living in Stuttgart, Germany.

In my live I have made some experiences, described in the german blog. I still have to translate everything. But I have also the old fashioned informations about my live.

I was born in Stuttgart and grew up in a little german town, finished the secondary modern school and after that I made my higher school degrees at a secondary high-school. This was once only for girls, but has opend itself for boys, so I met there one or three boys and twenty girls.  Nevertheless, I made my high school diplome and so I had the permission to study. I noticed, that I could draw and design as if it comes by itself and so I began my studies at a private art school in Stuttgart  (http://www.freie-kunstschule.de/). This lasted one year and my mother decided, that I had to become a teacher.
So I registered at a college of education (https://www.ph-ludwigsburg.de/78.html) and studied paedagogy for handicapped children and I specialised for the subjects art and the german language. I also specialised myself for the physically handycapped and for the mentally retarded children. This included some studies of medicine at the university of Tübingen (https://www.uni-tuebingen.de/). I made my degrees. After that I had to work at a school for mentally retarded and at one school for the physically handicapped. children. There I made another degree and after that I was a fully trained teacher. There was a lot of bullying in the first school. I just wanted to quit. And after that, there were no free jobs.

So I made another education and became a multimediadesigner. This based on my art studies. It includes, that I have learned how to be a graphic designer, a website designer and programmer, a programmer for CD and I learned to make 3D modelled animations.

After that I got a job at a TV-Producing company. There I made 2D animations and graphics. One day, there was too less work, they told me, that I should become a freelancer for them. So I became a freelancer, made graphics and websites and worked for different companies as a designer.

Then I became very Ill because I was raped too often. I could not work as much as before. I needed clinics and trauma therapy. I am now getting better and trying to get my freelancing freedom again with some projects or I will have to become a teacher again.

This is the state of affairs.

About this blog

I began this blog to public complain about the situation of getting raped without any hope of getting a real constitutional state. I was raped since I was a child in intervals. I had so much trauma, that I was totally amnesic first and the memories came back years later. Only the body trauma has been painful. This is something, psychologists and courts ignore. So I started educating public about the dissociating disorder phenomenon. Only if people know about this, the crimes can be stopped.
I feel not proctected by the german police and law and mostly bad treated by psychologists and doctors. I had fear, that the agressors will come back again, because I still have a post-traumatic amnesia and I don´t remember their faces. So I began to write about post traumatic implications and in the beginning I wanted some people recognizing, when I somebody will hurt me again. So I wrote and I began to tell my history in public and began to break the silence, in which every rape victim is cooped. Maybe some other women will begin to talk too. The agressors want me to be quiet, so I was not and I wrote all to the public to get readers. Meanwhile the situation of the women in germany became worse. The racism and sexism is growing and the nazi parties are voted more. Poeple in the streets are highly aggressive against others who look a little foreign, like me. They talk about burning homes of the muslims and shout at me on the streets. Surely they shout more to dark skinned people and to muslims.
The german press is not writing about this, so I did. I began to ciritsice them for their racist texts and suggestive methods. Also for their sexistic reporting about court proceedings. In the beginning, because only 7 % of the indicted rapists got judged. Meanwhile, because they judge the women for not been justified in court and they are arraigned for their “lyings”. Even if there is rape-evidence on video.

Still hoping, to getting more security living as a woman in germany I am now totally disappointed and see, that almost nobody in the justice-system has an interest to judge rapists. The system is made for them and it is getting worse.

For all these themes are sadly and serious I mixed in themes with a satiric style and hoped my readers will bear it better like that.


History of the blog

I started my blog in the year 2004 and dedicated it to the women of the world. I had made this website (artemis.li) for the goddess and began the blog (blogigo.de/artemis) for acutalities and for feminism in addition.

The blog and the website were hacked constantly. So it moved to it`s own webspace (german-version: artemisnews.de), still hacked and attacked then and then.

It grew up to 150 posts and more and more categories about

my personal experiences,
feminism and sex crime legislation,
child rape and child abuse,
criticism of racism and antisemitism,
art and art falsificaitons revealed,
secret societies,
old-Nazis and new- Nazis (criticism),
the third might (which is a secret terroristic nazi organisation and the press is not writing about it), this brougt me to the theme complex: flying objects,
censorship and media manipulations,
artists prosecution,
news about the blog (constantly hacked),
mind-control -mk ultra and the intelligence agencies,
satanism (criticism),
Stuttgart and it`s problems, like:
the water in Stuttgart,
the goddess,female spirituality,
protection of mother earth and health,

Finally, I wrote much about international themes and politics and began to translate some articles and posts and so the american-english version was started on August 28 2016.

© August 30. 2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.
English version: juliane-arnold.com


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