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The female Da Vinci


Caution: Art discussion
It has become customary in modern german language that men are no longer spoken exclusively, even if women have a function or a profession.
So, for example, male doctor and a female doctor, female chancellor, male president and female president. Male artist and female artist, male feminist and female feminist, male hacker and female hacker, male merchant and female merchant, male author and female author, husband and wife. I know in english it is the same word. Continue reading The female Da Vinci

This text brought me comments, to murder myself

The comment:

It was written in my german blog before the german election, to warn not to vote for a NAZI Party Named AfD. The real name AfD means Alternative for Germany and I joked it really means Alternative Fascism for Germany. Continue reading This text brought me comments, to murder myself

The eradication of artists and intellectuals

The dictatorship of Germany

It happens slowly, not fast, but very slowly, so that the world publicity does not draw attention to it.The social impoverishment of certain groups of people is politically desired.Their destruction by starvation and constraints of the HartzIV system is spread with much propaganda.

There are certain groups of people who do not fit the powerful in Germany and which are pushed into the defensive with all their might.A dead man has no electorate, an Continue reading The eradication of artists and intellectuals


(about the blonding- have-to-write)

It does not seem to work, just to keep silence, since the topic of dying blonde was a frequent topic of this blog.Especially my hate commentator (m) Bettina believes I would discriminate blondes.It is not so.I am now myself one.I have heard more blondes jokes during my brownhaired season, as the blondes, since the men wanted me to insure that they want to go in bed with me as I am not as stupid as a blonde.I thinkblonde-jokes are a kind of sexist women’s jokes, coupled with hair color racism.The brownhaired woman is not noticed as a woman or as a human with whom a pairing is desired.That is why most blonde-jokes around are about the stupidity of the woman in sexual relations.

For the foreigners, the classic blondes joke:

“Watch a blonde wakes up under a cow-udder Continue reading Blonde

Decomposition, shading and tracking

The man is standing in front of me in the bus line 42 (Stuttgart East), Mediterranean type, blonde wig. (See photo) In his green bag he has a beige cords trousers and other garments. His wig and dark eyebrows do not fit at all, especially because his wig slips. The oddness strikes me. Someone wants to camouflage himselve. Continue reading Decomposition, shading and tracking