Micky Mouse invasion in Stuttgart city

Today on 05/20/2016. I went downtown Stuttgart city (Germany) to see, if there were some foreign refugees in sight.

I could find nothing to report in the Stuttgart Königstrasse.

Outlandish fellow citizens, however, were observed by me, as they distributed their dangerous symbols of their country.Probably their country of origin is Disneyland and they were clearly here to proselytize to and bring us their culture.They have not yet integrated and adapted to our culture, which is also evident in their still outlandish lookingclothing.They also partout do not want to dye her hair and ears blond.Do we really need an integration law, so they are forced to learn the german language or they are deported back to Disneyland, because there is no discernible reason for asylum or political persecution.

Perhaps the german people can also value the diversity of multiculturalism contribution also with their foreign appearance and darker hair to go to, then it would realize that Micky and Minnie distribute only colored balloons here.

Other refugees have not been able to discover Stuttgart city today.
The before-seen dark-haired men who were begging everywhere in the street, have disappeared.

So there is no reason to ignite the homes of our many years living here and well integrated, german-speaking Turkish neighbors.

Or mine, because my hair was still not dyed blond.

Article belongs to: pogrom atmosphere in germany from 18.05.2016:

© written 05/20/2016 author Mrs Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany

© written 05/20/2016 author Mrs Juliane Arnold.

translated from german: http://artemisnews.de/die-micky-mouse-invasion/

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