The bankrobbery and the snowballsystem

Save your money from the bank.

(Caution math lessons)

Why we are all the debt slaves of the bank. Complicated but important.

Amazon forces its customers to a credit card, otherwise they can not buy or sell anything there. The Amazon Visacard is not compulsory, but is given to us with a starting bonus of 30 €.

It is a classic trap, from which you can not get out and entangle yourself deeper and deeper. Continue reading The bankrobbery and the snowballsystem

The hate culture – A free expression of opinion

The mood among the Germans is displeasing.The hatred of women and foreigners is a majority opinion.The propaganda in the media runs on high tours.The government is working on the dictatorship and abolition of the fundamental principles law (german constitution) of oppression imposed by it, such as the Network Enforcement Act, the Association Act and the Social Code II. Continue reading The hate culture – A free expression of opinion

The eradication of artists and intellectuals

The dictatorship of Germany

It happens slowly, not fast, but very slowly, so that the world publicity does not draw attention to it.The social impoverishment of certain groups of people is politically desired.Their destruction by starvation and constraints of the HartzIV system is spread with much propaganda.

There are certain groups of people who do not fit the powerful in Germany and which are pushed into the defensive with all their might.A dead man has no electorate, an Continue reading The eradication of artists and intellectuals

SLAVERY “It’s only against foreigners!”

Slavery, ghetto formation, extermination of foreigners by the Hartz IV Act SGB II and the Hartz IV rule set.

In my analysis of the Hartz IV / ALG II system in comparison with features of slavery I have prepared interim the following points.Without adding any evidence by references to the respective legal texts, which would be quite possible. Continue reading SLAVERY “It’s only against foreigners!”

Censorship: We are not the government, we are against the government

This site ( is a criminal offense because it is against the government.
It belongs to the opposition and not to the CDU / SPD.

This is why their closure and the imprisonment of the author can be expected soon.

This website is committed to democracy, human rights and the German Basic Law, not to the government.

We have a democracy Continue reading Censorship: We are not the government, we are against the government

No rights for the woman


Small summary statement.

Having no money does mean having no power.Also not for lawyers and rights.No money for women is a secret target of large discriminatory groups such as churches and conservative parties. Continue reading No rights for the woman


(about the blonding- have-to-write)

It does not seem to work, just to keep silence, since the topic of dying blonde was a frequent topic of this blog.Especially my hate commentator (m) Bettina believes I would discriminate blondes.It is not so.I am now myself one.I have heard more blondes jokes during my brownhaired season, as the blondes, since the men wanted me to insure that they want to go in bed with me as I am not as stupid as a blonde.I thinkblonde-jokes are a kind of sexist women’s jokes, coupled with hair color racism.The brownhaired woman is not noticed as a woman or as a human with whom a pairing is desired.That is why most blonde-jokes around are about the stupidity of the woman in sexual relations.

For the foreigners, the classic blondes joke:

“Watch a blonde wakes up under a cow-udder Continue reading Blonde