This text brought me comments, to murder myself

The comment:

It was written in my german blog before the german election, to warn not to vote for a NAZI Party Named AfD. The real name AfD means Alternative for Germany and I joked it really means Alternative Fascism for Germany.

Another background, some Stuttgart Artists are planning: Art against right.

Very disgusting. The translation of the comments.

“Hello Julian, you little racist. As you can see, you are still hurting against blondes but as a poor, dark-haired victim and color your hair blond. What’s wrong with you? Let yourself be treated. If you go on like this, I’ll report back against you. Not only I but also others. Imagine even there dark-haired ones who are of the opinion that you are in the closed. Not blondes are dangerous, but such dark-haired psychopaths as you. How about suicide against right? That would be something for you (little) Julianchen.”

My reply

  1. JulianeArnold

29 September 2017 at 15:56

Such comments are punishable.The police know.

The Original text in translation:

Election Program AfD: Alternative Fascism for Germany

Housewife Sexklave is everything the woman is allowed to be.
The only alternative for Germany’s women: HartzIV starve.

AfD is the alternative right-radical fascism that will transport us back into the World War and Holcaust.

Here you get real Nazis who destroy and assassinate and oppress others. The women and children will be deprived and brought into sex slavery and dark-haired in the gas chamber.

World War, Women’s Slavery, Mass Murder, Holocaust.

Or you cvote for something different!

© September 15 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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